Which Segments Are More Responsive To Market Needs?

- Apr 03, 2019-

1.Trusteeship class

Most of the parents of infants and young children are between the ages of 25 and 35. They are in a rising career, busy with work, and do not have enough enough time to bring their children.

2.Early education institution

At present, early education brands with greater domestic influence are directly introduced into mature early education systems abroad, such as Mei Jim, Jin Bao, etc., But brand product The problem of slow iteration cannot really meet the needs of parents of domestic infants and young children.

Therefore, the market has a strong desire for local early education brands with strong research and development iteration capabilities.

3.Private kindergarten

China's population base is too large, public kindergarten education resources are scarce, and at the same time affected by the policy, the previous private kindergartens are developing at a slower pace, far from meeting market demand.On the other hand, more and more parents realize that early education has an extremely important influence on the development of children's character, the cultivation of habits and ways of thinking, and the establishment of a world outlook and outlook on life. High-quality kindergarten has a very high Big market gap.