What's Baby Bathtub?why We Need It?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Baby baths are designed for bathing babies. You can use baby baths to clean your baby, and you don't have to worry too much about safety. Some bathing basins close to the details of the design can also increase the fun of bathing. Most baby baths are suitable for babies aged 2.


Every baby is faced with a bath problem after birth. Some parents want to know if they need to buy a bathtub. Can I use an adult bathtub? For a newborn baby, put him in an adult tub to take a bath, not only parents trouble, but also the baby is dangerous, may slip from your hands into the water, drowning. So baby baths are the best choice.


Now, the baby bathtub have many kinds of type.such as plastic baby bathtub with seatErgonomics plastic baby bathtub and the latest plastic baby folding bathtub.but do you know which one is better?

Generally speaking,the plastic folding bathtub is better,Why?

1. storage space:can be plugged in the gap,under the cabinet,even hanging on the wall,do not take up space.

3 in 1function baby bathtub

2. Easy to carry:put it in the trunk easily and use the baby’s own tub everywhere.

3. 3 in 1 function

一、As a tub(0-1years of age is available)

二、As baby swimming pool(1-12months baby can swim at home)

三、As a bathing bucket (for over 1years old)

4. Firm and steady

5. Easy to operation


Except material and type,baby bathtub have many bath accessories, including:Drainage holewater temperature cardbath net and storage slot each function is different.

1. Drainage hole:flick can easily drain,soft material will not scratch the baby.

2. Water temperature card:to prevent the baby catching cold or get burning.

3. Bath bet:matching bath net collocation USES more convenient

4. storage slot:you can put the baby liquid soap,toys,towels,etc.



Recently,due to the rapid development of e-commerce, the rise of online shopping.more and more people like to buy baby bathtub through online,meantime,With the implementation of the two-child policy, the number of babies increased, the baby bathtub market will further expand, driving the development of the entire baby bathtub industry chain.