What Problems Are Encountered In The Maternal And Child Industry Now?

- Aug 06, 2019-

  1. First, the homogenization of the entire terminal is more serious. This terminal is not only the maternal and child line, the physical store, but also the online Tmall, Jingdong and other stores, their homogenization level is also relatively high, including the promotion homogenization of the  is very high.

  2. The second, due to the decline in the number of newborns, led to a sharp drop in new customers. The new customer sharp drop is a headache for all the stores now. Because for maternal and child terminals, the biggest category is milk powder. Milk powder will account for half of the maternal and child stores, and even more than half of the ratio, this ratio is very high.

  3. The third problem is the reduction in the effectiveness of the entire store. The reduction in efficiency is caused by the increase in operating costs and the increase in personnel costs over the past two years. At present, the difference between the evaluation results of the baby shop is relatively large.

  4. The fourth aspect is that the combination of offline and online is not enough. Now the offline maternal and infant store  line accounted for an absolute proportion, it will account for about 60%, the online will account for about 20%, and ten and twenty percent are some supermarkets or high-end The proportion of supermarkets.