Requirements For Choosing A Baby Bib

- Jul 27, 2018-

1, bib choice to soft and comfortable for the first

Under normal circumstances, the baby 6 months when you can add complementary food, often eat things can not be very good swallowing, will come into the mouth of the supplementary food sprinkled all over, this time to the baby wearing a bib is necessary. Bib can effectively avoid dirty baby clothes, baby delicate skin is very sensitive, soft texture of the bib can be very good care of the baby, bring the baby more comfortable personal experience.

2, bib selection to fit the lightweight suitable

Food grade polyester fiber bib because of its environmental protection material is also very popular with mothers, waterproof, lightweight and durable, can be more closely with the baby's neck, in the baby did not form a complete saliva swallowing ability, not only will often drooling, will also be in the meal off soup juice, waterproof light bib can better protect the baby neck skin, Can also choose a high-quality, such as Eva, PE and other materials around the pocket, such a bib price is also more affordable.

3, around the selection of silicone materials for the best

There is a said "baby eat, eat half to half," and silica gel bib generally to three-dimensional mainly, with leak-proof function, can well catch the baby meal missing residue and soup, without the "baby to eat a meal mother wash clothes," The trouble, but also waterproof, easy to clean and many other advantages, silicone softer characteristics will not scratch the baby, Safe green selection can accompany the baby healthy eating and growth, compact folding performance more convenient to carry when out.

4, the choice of bib to be combined with their own brand

At present, baby bib brand a wide range of the corresponding also caused the uneven quality, poor material around the pocket will inevitably affect the health of the baby, so to check the quality of the product certification logo, the big brand bib is the quality of the advantages, but the price is also more expensive, mothers do not have to blindly pursue the brand.

Now many baby bib can do waterproof leak-proof, easy to clean, do not contain harmful substances, etc., so you can choose a good reputation of the parity brand bib, the same practical comfort.