Purchase Of Baby Products

- Jul 27, 2018-

1. Should have a detailed understanding of the origin of the product, manufacturing Company or distribution company qualification;

2. Detailed inspection of the product quality report, and some products will have a Product trial experience report;

3. Three no baby supplies can not buy, can not be credulous business advertising, to master the method of selecting products;

4. Choose baby Supplies, as far as possible to choose a good after-sales service manufacturers or distributors, you can understand online users of the brand and product reputation! 

5. To prevent false foreign brands, false goods deceptive. Pure foreign packaging do not buy, in China is banned; Do not buy the certificate number, foreign products in China must obtain the Chinese quality Authority issued the certificate number, quality inspection report refers to batches of products, enterprises can also be issued, the credibility of the lower.Distinguish whether false goods, commonly used method is on the National authoritative website (mainly is the quality Supervision Department, the Business Administration Department), inquires the manufacturer's qualification, the enterprise how packs, also cannot pass this pass. 

6. Electrical and electronic products, the state-made testing standards have been referred to the corresponding standards in the United States and Europe, domestic electrical quality over the years more stable, Chinese electrical output accounted for more than 50% of the world, as long as the domestic brand, the basic can be assured of use.