Prospects Of Children's Products Market

- Nov 26, 2018-

After the national policy of second-child liberalization came into effect, many families began to plan to have babies. After 2017, the birth rate was significantly higher than that in previous years. According to the national statistics, the annual growth rate of 2000-30 million people was maintained. However, a small number of people gave up because of family pressure and life pressure, taking into account their own factors. Second child, but the General Office of the State Council has issued a subsidy to be implemented since January 1, 2019. In this way, China will have to improve on the basis of the existing population growth. In the future, the maternal and infant industry will develop rapidly. The current situation of the domestic maternal and infant market will be infinite. According to authoritative experts'prediction, China's maternal and infant market needs at present. At least one trillion yuan, it is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan by the end of 2018. The continuous growth of consumer groups, new awareness, and child-rearing concept in the coming decades will determine the sustainable development of China's pregnant and infant industry in the next 15 years. China's pregnant and infant industry is in an unprecedented period of development opportunities.