Maternal And Child Industry Characteristics

- Aug 05, 2019-

The characteristics of this industry are several aspects: need, short-term high frequency, professional store, channel drive.

1.Need: It is that the maternal and child industry itself is an almost all of the Baoma group and the baby group. They must go to the consumption of an industry, especially like milk powder, the entire penetration rate has now reached more than 90%, that is, basically every A treasure mother will go to buy milk powder. The penetration rate of other products is not so high, but it is also in the dozens of percent.

2.Short-term high frequency: It is the maternal and child products. The biggest difference between the users in the maternal and child industry and the users in other industries is that she will not pay attention to the maternal and child products before she becomes a consumer. For example, before pregnancy, including after  children going to elementary school, he may not have concern for maternal and child products, but during his pregnancy, children between 0 and 6 years old, especially between 0 and 3 years old, There will very high level of attention to maternal and child products and have high frequency consumption in a short period of time.

3.Professional: Maternal and child stores as professional stores, mainly due to the fact that after the melamine incident in 2008, consumers are not recognized for the professionalism of shopping guides, and the maternal and child stores can provide professional shopping guides and professional knowledge in maternity and baby products. Therefore, consumers gradually began to flow from the business to the maternal and child professional channels, so it become form a maternal and child professional channel.

4.Channel-driven: Since the maternal and child stores are in the form of professional stores, the maternal and child industry has a very different difference from other fast-moving consumer goods industries inChina, that is, the mother-infant is still a channel-driven industry until now. That is to say, the store is also good, the agent is also good, and the position in the entire channel chain is very prominent. Channel plays a very important decisive role in whether a commodity can be sold well in the region and can be sold for a long time.