How To Help My Baby Bathe In The Bathtub?

- Jul 27, 2018-

By the time the baby is six or seven months old, it can be bathed in a large bathtub that is used by adults.Mother to help the baby bath can follow the following steps.

In the bathtub to pave a rubber mat, first to the cylinder to put cold water, and then put hot water, the water temperature is adjusted to just feel warm can, and then poured into the water soap liquid.

Mother knelt beside the bathtub, put off the clothes of the baby into the water, the water should have just come under the baby's ear. Mother holding the baby's head and shoulders in one hand, gently touching him with the other hand, gently stroking him, and talking with him all the time.

Bath soap water can also be used to shampoo the baby's hair. Put your hands under your baby's armpit and take him out of the bathtub. Because this time the baby's body is very slippery, must hold tightly.

Wrap your baby's body in a big towel and dry it.

When bathing, safety is the primary problem, there are the following points to note:

Mother's hand can't leave the baby for a second. When the baby is in the bathtub, never heat the water inside.

If you need to add water, you must first in the cylinder outside the cold, hot water mixed into warm, and then poured into the bathtub. If the faucet gets hot, wrap it around with a towel.

This way, the baby will not be scalded when it touches it. If your mother and baby bathe together, the water will be cooler than when you wash it yourself.