How Is The Development Trend Of Maternal And Child Industry In 2019?

- Aug 17, 2019-


The maternal and child industry continues to exert strength and has broad prospects

The maternal and child industry has only become popular inChinain recent years. Whether it is the popular foreign imported milk powder or the melamine incident in the past few years, the public interest in the maternal and child industry is very high. The opening of the second child policy in 2016, each year the birth of 20 million newborns, some media predicted that the domestic maternal and child industry market volume will reach 3 trillion yuan!


More and more capital operations, increased market competition

In recent years, various industries inChinahave begun to accelerate the operation of capital. The market competition has become more and more fierce. The intervention of capital will inevitably accelerate the competition in the industry. There have been many investment events in 2017. According to a certain media report, there are more than 200 cases,Up to 15 billion yuan, the maternal and child industry has entered a fierce competition stage!


Product update iterations accelerate, product attributes are strengthening in all aspects

In 2019, a large number of maternal and child products will change, and the direction of change is all-round, regardless of the product's intelligence, security, intelligibility, interactive experience and other aspects are rapidly improving.


Brand awareness has gradually increased, and branding has become a top priority

Whether it is a big mother-infant brand or a small-operating dealer, shaping the brand has become the consensus of the industry to enhance competitiveness. The brand is the word of mouth, that is, the soft power, the product is doing well, and the brand is not used at all. The brand upgrade has become the slogan that everyone is shouting every day. How to add emotional care to the brand and improve the experience has become a breakthrough point for many businesses.


Service upgrade, experience service is more and more perfect

Now all industries are working hard to improve their service level. Many maternal and child products really need experiential services to improve consumer recognition and transaction rate. The offline experience stores of major brands are constantly appearing and strengthening services. Become a major breakout for merchants to gain higher market competitiveness.