Different Stage Use Different Material Baby Bib

- Dec 04, 2018-


0-2months use gauze bib

Babies at this stage are easy to vomiting milk,sometimes vomiting all over their necks.If there is no bib, babies are very prone to eczema. Therefore, at this stage, we recommend the use of gauze material bib, air permeability is very good, high air permeability is not easy to eczema.


2-4 months use cotton baby bib

At this stage the bib air permeability is very important,if the baby vomiting milk,you can also use cotton bib,by the way,the cotton bib have many kinds of pattern,it can attract the baby's attention.


4-6months use waterproof bib

This stage of baby, not only to drink milk, but also to eat apple puree such a liquid food. While eating, the baby is more active, so is easy to dirty clothes, these juices are also very difficult to clean up, so the best is waterproof bib.