Diaper Choice Cotton Diaper And Bamboo Fiber Diaper

- Jul 27, 2018-

Diapers are the baby's second skin, so the choice of diapers, there is reason to believe that in all baby diapers, cotton diapers have the longest history. From childhood memories began, the impression that the children are using cotton diapers. Now, a lot of moms still insist on giving their grandchildren diapers. Now we all know that chemical fiber fabric will stimulate the baby's skin, water absorption is not good, so now the diaper is basically pure cotton fabric.

Winter season with cotton, more to adapt to the baby's body temperature. Pure cotton diaper water permeability and moisture absorption is good, and soft and comfortable, easy to wash the sun, very suitable for baby use. Old cotton, sheets and clothes are good alternative materials. can also be used to make new cotton, but to fully rub after reuse.

Diapers can be folded into rectangular or triangular, generally should be prepared for 30-40 pieces, in preparation for washing, replacement.

Newborn baby Diaper color to white, pale yellow, light powder is appropriate, easy to see the baby's urine color and character, bogey with dark, especially blue, green, purple, to prevent dyes cause allergies, stimulate baby skin. Bamboo fiber diapers are more and more popular in recent years and have been used in diapers, features are more soft and breathable, with natural antibacterial function, not easy to produce peculiar smell, easy to clean and other characteristics, by the mother's welcome, but relatively more than cotton diapers, higher prices, the use of cotton diapers and bamboo fiber diapers can effectively avoid the baby to produce red fart, Because these two kinds of diapers have better breathability. Summer suitable for the use of bamboo fiber, relatively cool.