Christmas Is Coming!

- Dec 14, 2018-


Christmas day had to arrive, today gives everybody to speak Christmas Day the story.

Christmas is Christ (Christ) and Mass (Caesar) the abbreviation,Caesar is the church one kind of week ceremony. Christmas day is areligious holiday, is the Christian commemorates the day which Jesusis born, thus also names "Ye Danjie".

Every year on December 25, the world all Christian church can hold the special week ceremony. To 19th century, the Christmas card has been popular, Santa Claus's appearance, Christmas day also starts popularly to get up.  Some people said Jesus in at the end of the summer birth, by no means on December 25. However, Christmas day actually whether date of the Jesus birthday regarding the modern people did say already not that was important, everybody poly a hall, the exchange gift, sent the Christmas card, ate the turkey western-style food, was a worldwide celebration day!

The western person take red, green, is white tricolor as the Christmas color, Christmas day approaches when each and every family all must use the Christmas color to decorate. Red has the Christmas flower and the Christmas candle. The green is a Christmas tree. It is the Christmas day main ornament, with fells the cedar, a cypress kind which assume the evergreen decoration to become. Above is being hanging the colorful colored lantern, the gift and the artificial flower, but also is lighting the Christmas candle.

Red forms a nice contrast with the white is Santa Claus, he is the character which the Christmas day moves most receives welcome. Western child in Christmas night just before going to sleep before, must put sock nearby the fireplace or the pillow (Christmas stocking), waits for Santa Claus to go to sleep after them puts the gift in the sock.In the west, acts Santa Claus also is one kind of custom.