Baby To Keep Clean Baby Bib, The Different Stages Of The Bib How To Choose?

- Jul 27, 2018-

The bib is used to wear in front of the baby's chest, to prevent the baby from eating or water when wet or dirty clothes. There are many kinds of baby bib, and the design is cute, it can attract baby's attention.But in the Guardian can give the baby to wear Wai Dou, and parents should not use bib to wipe the baby's mouth.

1, bib size

The key point of the baby's bib size is in the collar of the bib, the tightness of the collar will directly affect the baby's breathing. If it is too tight, the baby will have difficulty breathing, and if it is too loose, it will not be good to prevent dirt.

Therefore, the mother in the selection, to the baby's age to decide for the size of the bib, if the chest can not be fully covered, then the effect of dirty anti-fouling will be reduced by a large section.

2, Bib material

 Baby bib material is also not sloppy, because the bib will have a certain area of contact with the baby's neck and chin skin. If the texture is not good bib, especially easy to scratch the baby, and even allergic reactions. And the market a good bib are all cotton, gauze, gum and so on.Moms have to choose from different periods and stages for their babies.

3, the color of the bib and material 

Colorful, pattern card Wow Yi's bib has been able to touch Mummy's Meng heart, but also more can cause the baby's attention. Mother in the selection of the bib, you can choose bright colors, resistance to dirty colors, not only the baby will be attracted to like, mother clean up also convenient.