Baby Dining Chair Selection

- Jul 27, 2018-

The baby chair is to help the baby's feeding process transition to the table with parents and elders, not only to make parents easier to take care of the baby, but also let the baby in the process of eating to find fun.

1, a good brand of environmentally friendly solid wood materials than plastic better.

The surface and all the details, the edge must be light, but also check the tray below, do not have any small holes or cracks can let the baby into the fingers, so as not to stab, clip or scratch the baby. 

2, must have anti-skid and protection design, for example, seat belts on the back.If you have a pulley design, you must check the rigidity of the pulley locking device. 

3, the individual prefers to bring the plate and the height can adjust the baby chair, the base is wide, not easily overturned, baby grow up some can also use.

Of course, the own plate must be non-toxic plastic.