What should we pay attention to when we use baby bath net?

- Jun 29, 2019-

1. Hang the big hook of the bathing net on the edge of the tub

2. The two small hooks are used in the same way. The safety bath net can adjust the height, rotation hook to adjust the height of the net easily.

3. Before putting the baby in Please make sure that the hook is properly hung.

4. The safety bath net is used to  the baby's body. The mother's hand still has to hold the baby's head and body. Do not leave the baby alone in the bath net.

5. Do not let your baby stand on bath net.

6. This bath net is use to bathing,please don't use it on other place.

7. Please hook up the hook, otherwise the bath net will be loose, the baby may fall.

8. Be sure to rinse and dry with water after each use to keep it dry.

9. Don't use iron ironing.