what should we pay attention to when we use baby dining chair?

- Jun 10, 2019-

1.Can't let the baby sit alone

In the case of unattended, don't let the baby sit alone on the dining chair. Before feeding your baby, prepare all the items you need, such as your baby's cutlery, paper towels, small bibs, food to eat, and more. avoid your baby sitting in the dining chair, you need to suddenly leave.

2.Wash the baby dining chair every day

The baby likes to bite everywhere, and when things fall on the dining chair, they will pick it up. Therefore, Mom and Dad should clean the dining chair every day to prevent the baby from getting dirty things.

3.Fasten the seat belt

It is necessary to wear a seat belt when driving. The same is true for the baby sitting on the dining chair. This is often the case when a person carries a baby. After the baby is placed on the dining chair, the mother turns to take the cutlery or food. If the seat belt is not fasten, it may cause the baby to fall or fall off the dining chair.

4.Confirm the safety of the place where the baby chair is placed

The baby is very clever and often uses his side to move his sitting chair. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the place where the baby dining chair is placed, try to keep away from the table, walls, windows, doorways, stoves, wires, curtains/curtain ropes, and any surface that the baby can push at least 50 cm to prevent the baby's small ankles. Kicking these items, causing the table to turn over

5.Do not use the tablecloth

When eating, my mother usually puts the baby's dining chair next to the table and the whole family eats together. But pay attention to the table, it is best not to use the tablecloth, the baby is easy to curious to grab the tablecloth, causing the desktop items to fall, if there is hot soup is more dangerous.