what should we pay attention to when we use baby bathtub?

- May 24, 2019-

1.Be careful:Regardless of which baby bath tub is used for your baby, don't let your baby stay in the tub without anyone taking care of it. Even if there is a non-slip bath bed, it can not strengthen the baby's bath safety products.

2.Be prepared: Prepare everything you need before you take a shower.

3.Emergencies: If someone knocks at the door or the phone rings ,and you have to open the door or answer the phone, you need use bath towel wrap the baby .

4.Don't put your baby in bathtub when you put water in the tub. Because the water temperature and water height will change during the water release process.baby before 6months , put about 5-8 cm of water in the tub;above 6months , the water depth should not be higher than his waist when baby sitting in the bath.

5.when releasing water into the tub, you should first put cold water, then put hot water.