what is baby potty?

- Sep 12, 2018-

Baby toilet is designed to solve some unavoidable problems that children will encounter when they go to the toilet. It is a humanized product after improvement.baby potty is not toilet like bathroom product,baby potty is toilet seat that according to the toilet principle.

The feature of baby potty 

Baby potty through mildew proof and Anti allergy treatment,Clean and hygienic, but also very economical, practical, not only save you to buy small spittoon money, but also save the usual cleaning trouble, when using the baby toilet seat on the adult toilet can be placed directly on the soft seat.

Generally speaking, the inside diameter of the baby seat toilet is about 24.5 x 20.5 cm, and the weight is about 0.4 kg / piece. As long as the inside diameter of your adult toilet is larger than this size, you should be able to use it.baby toilet special front hard plastic pad, can protect children's safe use of toilet, use up very comfortable and safe, even if accidentally dirty, the body, seat ring can be washed, very convenient for clean use.

Baby potty Not only the design is full of childishness, but also the material quality is very safe,when you choosing,check to see if the material is firm,not easy to break.you need choose baby toilet with good stability,it can avoid baby fall down.today,on the market the baby polity is divided in male and female,is very humanized.