what is baby bath net?

- Sep 13, 2018-

When baby was born,the new mothers need to consider how to bath the baby?

Mom will worry about water will enter baby's ears and eyes and be careful with your navel,and Prevent bath water from choking baby......if you have a bath net,you can deal with this problem better.

The bath net have two styles cross style and T style.after the mother used it,most of them think the cross bath net is better.after the  used it,most of mom think the cross bath net is better.

Cross bath net set on the bathtub,is very convenient,baby lie down is comfortable.

Cross bath net have a soft pillow,you can according to the bathtub size adjust the length of bath net.bath net ,Most of them are mesh cloth, good skid resistance, can effectively prevent the baby slip into the water, avoid the risk of choking water.

Cross bath net can effectively support the baby,so that the baby’s waist and legs can be more comfortable in bathtub.