What are the advantages of baby sitting on a dining chair?

- Sep 10, 2018-

What are the advantages of baby sitting on a dining chair?

1.higher secure

Baby dining chair has table, armrest, chair back from four directions around the 

baby, and has a seat belt to fix the baby, can prevent the baby from falling loose 

from the chair.

2.in line with baby development

Because of the baby's height characteristics, sitting in a general chair to eat, 

not only uncomfortable, but also affect the visual field needs, not to mention 

comfortable eating. The dining chair is higher than the ordinary chair. It is more 

comfortable for the baby.

3.Cultivate independent interest in eating

If the baby starts to learn to eat on the exclusive table, then more conducive to 

the future to master the ability to eat independently, but also better develop the 

habit of eating at the table, to avoid the trouble of feeding. In addition, sitting 

at the table, the baby has exclusive food, tableware, you can pound your own drum, 

can learn to eat more. Of course, it can also liberate mother's hands.

4.Cultivating table manners

In the dining chair, you can teach your baby to develop good habits that do not 

throw food away, do not mess with dangerous tableware, etc. Develop good eating 

habits at home, and when you take your children out, this kind of table manners 

will be praised by others.