type of baby bib

- Jul 09, 2019-

The material of the bib is very important. Because the bib will touch the baby's head and neck and chin skin, if the texture is not good, it will hurt the baby's delicate skin. Generally, there are gauze, cotton and gelatin on the market, which are suitable for babies of different periods and different occasions.

1. The gauze bib is more breathable, so for the little baby who needs to be surrounded by the bib, the bib of gauze material is more suitable, it is not easy to erupt eczema.

2. Cotton baby bib have more design, More attractive to your baby than a white gauze bib.

3. Because the baby has added complementary foods, especially apple puree, it is easy to dirty the clothes when eating, and these juices are difficult to wash off. So be sure to use waterproof.

4. There are more and more opportunities for your baby to eat complementary food, then it will sit down and eat slowly. You can start using the soft rubber bib, it is convenient to scrub, and it is more suitable for the needs of the baby.

5. Waterproof bibs are also available in a variety of fabrics depending on the fabric. The most common ones are silicone waterproof bibs. This bib is eco-friendly and suitable for babies who can sit and eat, and the soft buckle at the neck makes the baby feel comfortable. Deep bibs can intercept food that your baby can't feed or spit out. Easy to clean, also can put in the dishwasher clean, it is very practical for parents who are busy with work.