The Importance of Children's Dining Chairs

- Mar 19, 2019-

1.Ensure the safety of children

The dining chair is first and foremost an existence that ensures the safety of children at meals. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, survival and safety are the most basic needs. To buy things for children, the first consideration is safety. The dining chair is especially suitable for a person with a baby, or a second-born mother, when she has no time to cook and work, pushes the dining chair to the line of sight, so that the baby can fasten his seat belt and sit in it, and then give a small toy. The baby may not be quiet, but he is safe he can wait for you to prepare the baby meal for him.

2.Establish eating habits

Whenever I see parents chasing their children to feed in a room, I will recommending chairs to them. Because the baby can start by eating mud supplements, is a long-term process of training eating habits, some eating habits even affect life. Maybe the baby will be rejected at first, but just like the "conditioned reflex" theory, if you stick to it, the baby will understand that sitting here is to eat. It's better to put it beside the adult's table to establish a sense of order for children to eat. Eating is meant to be on the dining chair, not on the bed, nor on the game crawling mat. The younger the child, the better it will be. And most of the dining chairs can adjust the height, many children can consciously sit in the "special seat" to eat, if the children want. It's not a problem to use it for 4 to 5 years.