The baby toilet advantages and features

- May 10, 2019-

The children's toilet can solve the problem of children's toilets very well and is very human. The child toilet is not like the adult toilet, but the soft seat of the toilet is designed according to the principle of the toilet. According to the child's height condition and  body function is designed. When the child is used, the child toilet cover can be placed on the adult toilet.

The baby toilet advantages:

1.affordable, practical

2.can connection with adult toilet,easy to use

3.Comfortable and safe,  easy to clean

4.No need to spend extra time cleaning your baby's stool

The baby toilet features:

  1. The potty body is non-toxic new PP material, strong and soft, feels good! The seat cushion is soft and non-slip, it does not stick to the skin in summer, and it will not feel very cold in winter.

  2. After mildewproof, anti-allergic, etc., clean and hygienic.

  3. Unpack and put it on the adult toilet, it is convenient and quick.

  4. Both the toilet body and the toilet seat can be washed and used cleanly.

  5. During the use the parents can accompany with baby ,it is more safe.