the baby potty is useful?how to choose it?

- Sep 03, 2018-

Type of baby potty

1、Straddle plastic baby potty

carton design,Exquisite appearance,can be used as toy.

2. Plastic baby potty with ladder

It can put on the toilet,have support on both side,can adjustable height

3. Plastic baby potty with backrest

Safety,detachable is easy to cleaning.

4、Multi-purpose plastic baby potty

Toddler hold on the armrest,kids can sit on toilet,is very useful.


How to choose it?

1. according to the product size

Bad quality baby potty have dimensional deviation,have Potential safety hazard.suggest choose right size.

2. according to the baby height and age

According to the baby height and age,avoid baby falls

3.according to brand

Choose famous brand,the quality can assure and more environmental.


Choose baby potty please note:

1.High quality、safety、reliable products.

2、Is that baby convenient to use?

3.The design please don’t be too complicated.

4.choose detachable baby potty,is easy to cleaning.