Product Assembling

- Jun 06, 2019-

Steel pipe installation procedure

Up steel pipe  Down steel pipe

Select a set of steel pipes and steel pipes to align the calibre

Press the polka dot button to make the dot stick into the steel tube round hole

Assemble the steel pipe and press the upper part of the dot button to make the bottom corresponding round hole


Align the position of the buckle

Press down hard

After putting it well, rotate cou-nterclockwise and turn the pedals

Remove the pedals:rotate clockwise, then pull hard and remove

Install the plate

Press the buttons on both sides of the tray, insert the slots on both sides of the tray into the on both sides of the dining chair and release. The three grooves can be adjusted freely, but the positions must be consistent

Double plate design, after the baby has a meal, can direc-tly take the tray to cleen, do not need to remove to the entire plate