It is necessary to prepare a waterproof baby bib.

- Oct 08, 2018-

Many mothers report that when babies are young, they use gauze and cotton bibs. The greatest advantage of this traditional bib is that it is breathable. However, as babies grow older, this traditional bib is no longer suitable for babies, but they do not know how to choose. bib size

The key to the size of a baby's bib is at the neck of the bib. The tightness of the neckline directly affects the comfort of the baby. So the mom need according to baby age to choose baby bib. bib material

The bib will have a certain area that touches baby chin and neck skin,If it is a bad quality bib, not only easy to scratch the baby, there are some inferior products can even lead to baby allergic reaction, so about baby bib mothers can not only look at the price but also look at the quality.we have a baby waterproof bib, it have the upper and lower layers, the inner layer is cotton, the outer layer is waterproof material, the food is easy to wipe clean after upside down, the rest is pvea material, this material has good flexibility and a little elasticity.

3.Color and modeling of baby bib

A good baby Waterproof Bib needs not only the playful sculpt but also the nice color matching.

The baby bib collar have used magic sticker material. Mothers can adjust it according to their baby's neck circumference. It's very convenient.