Is silicone baby bib is useful?

- Dec 29, 2018-


The characteristics and advantages of silica gel bib: 1. Unique design of silica gel belt, the bottom of which is bib shape, used to pick up dropped food and keep clothes clean. 2. Suitable for infants, elderly people and patients. Avoid dirty clothes during meals, convenient and practical. 3. Soft non-toxic food-grade silica gel material, suitable for skin contact. 4. It is durable, easy to wash, reusable and easy to clean. It can be restored to cleanliness with only a light wipe. 5. The soft material of our silica gel bib can be rolled up and collected for easy carrying. Enjoying meal time is the ideal meal bib.


Silicone bib cleaning: 1, can be boiled in boiling water disinfection, we should pay attention not to touch the pot side, lest the product damage. 2. When microwave oven disinfection is needed, please use special microwave oven disinfection box. Do not put it directly on the cooking oven or microwave oven to disinfect directly.


Use method of silicone bib: Untie the bib sling, stick the bag mouth up to the chest, and then tie the suspension belt.