Is baby shower cap useful?

- Oct 10, 2018-

1.Increasing the fun of wash hair, i believe many parents have encounter this situation,when you want help baby wash hair,most of them don’t cooperation,but if you use baby wash hair cap,you can solve this problem.and if the wash hair cap is colorful,baby will enjoying wash hair.

2.Protect baby eye and ear,We know that when parents wash their baby's hair, it is easy to cause water to flow into the baby's eyes, nose and ears, and the baby's shampoo hat can effectively prevent this, so the baby's shampoo hat can also play a very good eye and ear protection purposes.

3. Protect baby's head, baby's shampoo cap can not only increase the fun of wash hair and protect baby's eyes and ears, but also can play a role in protecting baby's delicate head,as we know if the baby's head is not clean it will  breed bacteria, baby's shampoo cap can also be said to protect baby's head.