how to use baby bathtub?

- Oct 15, 2018-

一、How to use baby bathtub?

If you use regular bathtub  baby can't sit they will be should use bathtub with seat,because it suitable for 0-6 months old baby.

When baby was born,but Be careful not to let your baby catch cold; do not ventilate when you bathing baby, so as not to catch a cold.

Put the water in the bathtub. After testing the temperature of the water, the mother puts baby in the bathtub to clean baby back. The water should cover the baby's belly to prevent the baby catch a cold.

二、Please notes:

1.No matter what kind of baby bathtub you use, don't let your baby stay in the bathtub without being looked after. Even if there is a slip-proof bath bed can strengthen the baby's bathing safety , do not be careless.

2.Prepare everything you need before you take a bath, including soap, shampoo, changing clothes, and toiletries.

when bathing your baby ,someone knock door or the phone ring,you have to open the door or pick the need use towel wrap your baby.

In the process of releasing water,dont put baby in bathtub,because the temperature and the deep of water will be change. baby 6 months ago, the baths only need about 5-8 centimeters of water.

Finally,When you put water into the bathtub, you should put cold water first and then hot water.