How to training baby use baby potty?

- Sep 14, 2018-

After the children is one year,Baby can gradually urinate defecate. At this stage Parents should pay attention to the use of toilets to train the baby, can buy a baby potty for the baby, cultivate children to be more independent.

1. You should prepared the baby potty.

You need to tell the baby when you want to pee,you can sit on it.

2. Encourage baby

Over one years old baby begin to please parents,after baby use toilet seat,parents need encourage baby more.The baby is appreciated by his parents, and he will be willing to do it over and over again, so that the baby will gradually develop the habit of using the baby potty.meantime,Parents do not worry, do not complain about the baby, that will hit the baby's enthusiasm.

3. Develop defecation regularity

At first you need to know when the baby will defecation and how many times?at this time,the parents need extra attention. usually,after getting up baby defecation is better.establish regular defecation ,it is very helpful for the baby to control defecation.

4. Go to the bathroom with your baby

You can put the baby potty near the adult toilet,then you can told your baby because you are younger so you need sit on baby potty to pee and defecation,when you growing,you can sit on adult toilet the same as dad and mom.Finally,baby will find sit on baby potty Sitting on the baby potty is as natural and safe as sitting on the adult toilet.