How to choose the baby bathing rack?

- Jan 22, 2019-

1.Can provide back support for the baby in the bath, so that the baby can lie in a semi-lying position, so that his head is higher than the surface of the water. This design is safer, and it's not easy for babies to twist around in the bath. It's easier to bathe your baby . Ergonomic baby bathtubs with dual-use functions can last longer.

2.Baby bathtub rack should buy can easily buckle in the bathtub, to avoid sliding and turning over and accidental falling off, the best is wave-shaped skeleton support, scientific concave and convex trend, in line with the law of water wave flow, evenly disperse the baby's body gravity, give the head, neck, back the most natural support. It is better to have a hand buckle or suction cup, fix the bathing rack and bathtub, ensure the baby's safety in the bath,  avoid the bathing rack slid in the bathing time because it is dangerous.

3.When choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to not buying a smelly bath rack. Touch the edge of the bath rack to see if it is smooth, so as not to cut the baby. The shape and color of the bath rack can be lovely, which can also improve the baby's bathing enthusiasm.