how to choose baby bib?

- Sep 15, 2018-

How to choose baby bib? bib size

Baby bib size the key point is the size of the collar,the tightness of collar direct affects the baby breathing.if too tight the baby will have difficulty breathing,if too loose,it will not be able to prevent dirt mom should according to baby age to choose baby bib.if the bib can not cover the breast,the anti-dirty and anti-fouling prevent will reduce.

2.the material of baby bib

The material of baby bib is very important,because the baby bib will touch baby neck and chin.if it is bad bib,it will scratch baby,baby may experience anaphylaxis.And the good bib in the market is made of cotton, gauze, gum and so on. Mothers should choose bibs according to baby different periods and stages.

3.Color and Material of bib

Colorful,cartoon pattern bib is better for mom,also can cause baby attention.