How to choose a suitable baby dining chair?

- Sep 15, 2018-

Usually designed for 6 months to 3 years old baby, when the baby can sit up to 

start using, mainly divided into add-on portable dining chair and integrated high 

chair two types.

1.Portable high chair 

Small footprint, portability is its advantage, it is very convenient to go out and 

bring the baby out to eat more hygienic. Its price is relatively cheaper. But be 

sure to tie the straps to make sure that the chair is fixed to the chair. In 

addition, it is slightly less comfortable. Most of these chairs are all plastic and 

harder. Mothers can choose according to actual needs.

2.integrated high chair

Now in the market most of baby dining chair is high chair,the advantage is more 

comprehensive,more comfortable,and isn’t overturn,but big footprint.of course,the 

mom can choose folding high chair. 

To choose a dining chair for baby, pay more attention to material, brand, function, 

cleaning and safety protection. Choose a stable, wide base, so that the chair is 

not easy to turn over; the edge must be smooth, wooden dining chair can not have 

burrs; the depth of the seat should be suitable for baby use; dishes and other 

accessories should be non-toxic and safe.