- Jun 11, 2019-

Newborns due to sebaceous gland secretion, sweat discharge, dandruff shedding, and a large number of bacteria will sticking to the we  advised to take a bath every day in winter and two times a day in the summer。mom can use bathing method or basin bathing method,the specific method is:

1. carry in arm bathing method:

Wash your face and head first, then wash your torso and limbs, and finally wash your hips. When washing the face and face, the baby's head is forward, the parents support the baby's shoulder with the left forearm, the left armpit grips the child's buttocks, the left hand holds the baby's head, and the thumb and middle finger move forward from behind.  prevent water ingress ear. Wash your baby's face with your right hand first,Then wash your hair and dry your head. Then start washing the torso, limbs and buttocks. The elbow fossa, armpits, neck, and thigh roots should be especially cleaned

2. basin bathing method:

dipped the gauze in the tub, wring it out to wipe the face, then take off the clothes, wipe the butt with a replaced diaper or clothes;and gently put them into the basin. Pay attention to let the hips enter the water first, and let the child sit in the bathtub halfway, but be careful not to let the umbilicus touch the water.