Baby in the difference stages how to choose bathtub?

- Oct 16, 2018-

New born--about 10 months baby not able to sit in stable , So we suggest choose bathtub:For babies who are not able to sit in stable stage, their upper bodies are basically supported by their mothers' hands. The shallow bathtub will be more convenient for mom to hold the baby up, and it can also be used with bath rack or bath net.

Above 10 months baby ,we suggest choose bath bucket:The inner diameter of the bath barrel is small, compared with the bathtub, the space of the bath bucket is narrow, but it is not easy to slip.But the bath bucket is deeper than the bath tub, the chest below the part can be immersed in water, especially suitable for winter bathing.

when baby bathing what should we pay attention to ?

1.Water temperature

It is advisable to control water temperature at 37 - 40 degrees.can use thermometer to measure the temperature, ensure that the most comfortable temperature can be felt. In addition, the water gets cold quickly in winter, so to keep the baby's bath warm, don't forget to add hot water .

2.Heating the bathroom with the steam of hot water

First put hot water in the bathtub, the water temperature can be slightly higher, use the steam of hot water to make the bathroom warm, wait for the water temperature to cold a little, later let the baby undress.

3.Check the window is air leak

Ideally, the room temperature is generally 26-28 degrees Celsius, if the newborn baby, the room temperature is best 28-30 degrees Celsius. Check the windows if there have any leaks,Of course, don't close them all. Also pay attention to ventilation. Before your baby is undressed, rub your hands, warm your hands and put him in the bathtub.