different design baby bath tub

- May 20, 2019-

Baby bath tubs that are common on the market are: basic tubs, ergonomic tubs, and inflatable tubs.

The basic baby bath tub is lighter in weight, usually in plastic, flat on the bottom, and inexpensive, and some models can be used in the sink, but you can't keep your baby half-lying without using the support. 

The ergonomic baby bath has a special design that keeps the baby in a semi-lying position and does not slide in the tub. There is also a dual-purpose ergonomic baby bath. It allows the baby to bathe in two poses. One is a semi-lying posture, and the other is a support design  allow a baby can sit on own to sit up at the other end of the tub, but at a higher price than the basic type of tub.

The inflatable tub is designed for the bathing of young babies. Parents don't have to worry too much about safety. Some bathtubs are designed with intimate details to enhance the bathing pleasure. Most baby inflatable tub sizes are suitable for babies up to 2 years of age.