Buy toilet you need pay attention 9 detail

- Apr 30, 2019-

The baby toilet have cute apparance and can attract the treasure to take the initiative and easy to clean. It is very popular among parents. There are many kinds of baby toilets on the market.How to buy a toilet:

1. the quality should be good and safe and reliable products.

2.Cartoon style, riding type, should consider whether the baby can use it when wearing the tight pants

3.It’s best not to be too like a toy, otherwise it’s easy to distract your baby’s attention.

4.Don't have too much back and armrests, otherwise it will be inconvenient for the baby to wear in winter clothes.

5.Be sure to choose the detachable design of the inner container. It is convenient to use, and it is easy to clean. It is close to the shape of the toilet. It is a special awareness for the baby.

6.It is best to choose the seat-type toilet that your baby likes, which is good for stimulating your baby's interest in going to the toilet. 

7.The toilet should be firm, comfortable, and suitable for the height. When the baby is sitting up, the feet should be just right.